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CITROEN C2,C3  dash / 9346 / 9356 / BSI ST95160 /ST95128 

Full set UPA-USB scripts for mileage correction in the dashboard and BSI of CITROEN C2,C3 2002-2009 years. Blocks BSI in these models have active takes mileage data. Correction is required in 2 blocks (dash + bsi).  The French have shown maximum creativity to confuse the service in a variety of algorithms for recording mileage. This set contains all the necessary tools for reading and processing dump files in all variations.  Reproduces the algorithms of the manufacturer. Accuracy of 1 km. Calculators contain help files, supported by tips and operational information. In the information field you will find additional information: the size of the dump file and the hex code responsible for the mileage readings. Scripts checked and run-in. 

CITROEN C2 2002-2008 DASH SAGEM 93C46
CITROEN C2 2002-2008 DASH SAGEM 93C56
CITROEN C2 2002-2008 DASH JCI 93C56
CITROEN C2 2002-2008 BSI SIEMENS ST95160
CITROEN C2 2002-2008 BSI VALEO ST95128
CITROEN C3 2003-2009 DASH SAGEM 93C46
CITROEN C3 2003-2009 DASH SAGEM 93C56
CITROEN C3 2003-2009 DASH JCI 93C56
CITROEN C3 2003-2009 BSI SIEMENS ST95160
CITROEN C3 2003-2009 BSI VALEO ST95128