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The script is only available for the new version of the UPA-S programmer.

Script for crash clearing in the SRS AIRBAG with INFINEON MCUs.

List of ID numbers:

FoMoCo AA83-14B321-AF XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo AA83-14B321-AF XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo AA83-14B321-xx XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-AE XC2336B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-AE XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-AF XC2336B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-BD XC2336B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-BG XC2336B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-CE XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-CE XC2336B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-CF XC2336B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-EH XC2336B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-FA XC2336B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-FA XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-FB XC2336B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-GA XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-GA XC2336B-40F
FoMoCo AB39-14B321-GB XC2336B-40F
FoMoCo AE83-14B321-AG XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo AE83-14B321-AH XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo AE83-14B321-AJ XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo AE83-14B321-AJ XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo AE83-14B321-EC XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo AE83-14B321-ED XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo AE83-14B321-ED XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo AE83-14B321-xx XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo AL54-14B321-AC XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo AL54-14B321-AD XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo AR33-14B321-CB XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo AR33-14B321-CB XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo AR33-14B321-DB XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo AV1T-14B321-AE XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo AV1T-14B321-CF XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo AV1T-14B321-CF XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo AV1T-14B321-CG XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo BB5T-14B321-AF XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BB5T-14B321-AH XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo BB5T-14B321-AH XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BC24-14B321-AC XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BC24-14B321-AD XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BC24-14B321-BD XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BC3T-14B321-AB XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BC3T-14B321-AC XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BC3T-14B321-DH XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BC3T-14B321-EH XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BC3T-14B321-KA XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BC3T-14B321-LB XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BC3T-14B321-MA XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BC3T-14B321-MB XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BE53-14B321-BB XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BE53-14B321-BC XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BE53-14B321-BD XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo BE53-14B321-BD XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BE53-14B321-DB XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BE53-14B321-EB XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BE53-14B321-EC XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BG13-14B321-AB XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BG13-14B321-AC XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BK2T-14B321-BF XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo BK3T-14B321-AB XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo BK3T-14B321-AD XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo BL14-14B321-AB XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BL14-14B321-AC XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BL34-14B321-DE XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BL34-14B321-FA XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BL34-14B321-FB XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BL34-14B321-GB XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BL34-14B321-xx XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo BL84-14B321-AA XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo BL84-14B321-AD XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo BL84-14B321-xx XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo BR33-14B321-AE XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BR33-14B321-AF XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BR33-14B321-xx XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo BT43-14B321-AF XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo BT43-14B321-AG XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo C1BT-14B321-AD XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo C1BT-14B321-BD XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo C1BT-14B321-BE XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo C1BT-14B321-CD XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo C1BT-14B321-CE XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo C1BT-14B321-CF XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo C1BT-14B321-FF XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo CK4T-14B321-DF XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo CL34-14B321-AB XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo CL34-14B321-CD XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo CN15 14B321-BC XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo CN15-14B321-AC XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo CN15-14B321-AE XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo CN15-14B321-AF XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo CN15-14B321-BE XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo CN15-14B321-BF XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo CN15-14B321-CE XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo CT43-14B321-AB XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo CT43-14B321-AC XC2060N-40F
FoMoCo D2BT-14B321-BE XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo D2BT-14B321-BF XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo D2BT-14F136-AD XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo D2BT-14F136-AE XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo D2BT-14F136-AF XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo D2BT-14F136-BC XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo D2BT-14F136-BD XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo D2BT-14F136-ED XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo D2BT-14F136-GB XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo D2BT-14F136-GC XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo D3BT-14B321-AD XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo D3BT-14B321-AE XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo D3BT-14B321-BE XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo D3BT-14B321-BF XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo DA53-14B321-AF XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo DA83-14B321-AF XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo DB5T-14B321-AA XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo DB5T-14B321-AD XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo DB5T-14B321-AE XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo DB5T-14B321-AF XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo DB5T-14B321-AG XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo DG13-14B321-AF XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo DG13-14C028-AG XC2361A-72F
FoMoCo DL34-14B321-BC XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo DL34-14B321-CA XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo DR33-14B321-AB XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo DR33-14B321-AC XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo DR33-14B321-xx XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo DT1T-14B321-HG XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo DT43-14B321-AC XC2361B-40F
FoMoCo DN1T-14B321-EC XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo DN1T-14B321-ED XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo E3B5-14B321-EB XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo E3B5-14C028-AD XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo EB3T-14B321-AF XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo EB3T-14B321-BE XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo EB3T-14B321-BF XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo EB3T-14B321-EG XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo EB3T-14B321-FF XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo EB3T-14B321-FG XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo EB5T-14B321-AA XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo EB5T-14B321-BA XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo EB5T-14B321-BA XC2361A-56F
FoMoCo EG13-14B321-AA XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo EG13-14B321-BA XC2336A-56F
FoMoCo ET76-14B321-CG XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo ET76-14B321-DG XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo F7BT-14B321-BB XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo FL3T-14B321-BA XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo FL3T-14B321-BC XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo FL3T-14B321-BD XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo FR3T-14B321-AF XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo GB5T-14B321-AC XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo GR3T-14B321-AA XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo HG13-14B321-AA XC2336A-72F
FoMoCo JL3T-14B321-CB XC2336A-72F

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