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UPA-USB calculator for crash data clearing in the file of dump of FoMoCo SRS ECU of newest Ford cars with Infineon Tricore TC222S MCU.

Only clearing! Without reading/writing functions!

Current List of ECUs:

GN15-14B321-CF TC222S
GN15-14B321-GG TC222S
H1BT-14B321-AF TC222S
H1BT-14B321-AG TC222S
H1BT-14B321-AH TC222S
H1BT-14B321-BB  TC222S
JB3T-14B321-BE TC222S
JK2T-14B321-AG TC222S
JK2T-14B321-BG TC222S
JL1T-14B321-BA TC222S
JL1T-14B321-BB TC222S
JL1T-14B321-CA TC222S



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