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The script for easy code pasting with many repeats of data

The program Hex Injector is designed for professionals
in various fields electornic, used as
tool for programming popular programmer the
UPA-USB from Elrasoft company. ************************************************** ***********
User's manual.
Hex Injector is a convenient tool for copying and quick
insert the hex code (parts code) from different sources.
- The bytes from the third-party dump;
- Fragments of hex code from third-party programs-calculators, such
like Tachosoft;
- Code is entered manually in the working string to Hex Injector;
The program accepts the same as a normal text format
and the code is copied from HexEditor Uuprog.
1. Place the script file-the software together with this manual
to folder DeviceScripts:
C:\Program Files\ELRASOFT\UPA-USB Suite\Device Programmer\DeviceScripts
2. Start Uuprog. In the left panel, in the device tree you will find
catalog item "Softdump Tools"-"Hex Injector 1.0". Click on it.
3. When you see the script window, navigate in the device tree to
the chip with which you will to work.
4. Dump the chips you can read and write directly from the program window.
You can also use the standard tools Uuprog.
*** Don't forget to save the mother dump a few before correction***
5. Perform the necessary operations to edit and paste the code.
6. Do writing a device.
The script takes the characters a hexadecimal number system
0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F and their lowercase counterparts.
The program ignores spaces and takes into account only the even number
characters as bytes in hex format is described by 2 characters
For example: FF FF FF FF or FFFFFFFF or ff ff ff ff or ffffffff
The starting byte address of the first byte at which to start writing
the hex code.
If you dump multiple repetition of one and the same slice
(doubles), it is not necessary to re-enter them manually.
Set the desired number of repetitions and the interval (in bytes)
relative to the first byte.
If you want to every sleduyushemu double to add some value,
use "+" function (next plus) for repeats.

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