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HONDA SRS SPC560 / SPC560P50  / SPC56AP54 / MPC5604P


UPA-USB script for cleaning the crash data in the SRS AIRBAG CONTINENTAL HONDA cars based on the SPC, MPC processor. 

77960-T0A-P810-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T0A-P820-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T0A-P830-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1E-R910-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1E-R911-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1G-G920-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1G-G930-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1G-G940-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1G-R920-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1G-R930-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2A-A020-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2A-A013-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2A-L011-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2A-R011-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2V-R011-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TAA-J112-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TAA-J512-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TAA-J513-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TAA-Z111-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TAZ-Z112-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T3V-A011-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T3V-A020-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TZ5-A020-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TZ6-R011-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2F-A010-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T2F-A012-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T2F-A020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T2F-D012-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T2F-X012-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T2F-Y010-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T3L-C012-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T3L-C020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T3L-F012-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T3W-J110-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T3Z-A020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TAD-J120-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-B020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-G020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-G030-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-H410-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-M820-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-M830-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-P430-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-Q810-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-Q820-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-Z420-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-Z820-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEG-J310-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TGG-E010-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TGG-G010-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TGG-J310-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TGG-Z810-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TGH-E220-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TLA-A240-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TLA-A250-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TLA-H010-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TLA-L240-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TLA-R020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TME-Z030-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TVA-A460-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TVA-F330-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TVA-L420-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TWA-A410-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TWA-A440-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TZ4-A511-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TZ5-A220-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T0A-K411 MPC5604P
77960-T0A-K511 MPC5604P
77960-T0A-Y411 MPC5604P
77960-T0A-Y511 MPC5604P
77960-T1G-E920 MPC5604P
77960-T1G-E930 MPC5604P
77960-T2A-X013 MPC5604P
77960-T2A-Y011 MPC5604P
77960-T2F-A012 MPC5604P
77960-TF0-G832 MPC5604P
77960-TF0-J442 MPC5604P
77960-TF0-Z840 MPC5604P
77960-TGA-H411 MPC5604P
77960-TM0-K410 MPC5604P
77960-TM0-K419 MPC5604P
77960-TM0-U410 MPC5604P
77960-TM0-Y431 MPC5604P
77960-SFM-J420  MPC5604P

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