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HONDA SRS SPC560 / SPC560P50  / SPC56AP54 / MPC5604P


UPA-USB script for cleaning the crash data of SRS AIRBAG CONTINENTAL HONDA cars based on the SPC, MPC processor. The script contains all the necessary tools for reading and processing the dump file, help files, hints, and operational information.

77960-T0A-P810-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T0A-P820-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T0A-P830-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1E-R910-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1E-R911-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1G-G920-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1G-G930-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1G-G940-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1G-R920-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T1G-R930-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2A-A020-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2A-A013-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2A-L011-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2A-R011-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2V-R011-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TAA-J112-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TAA-Z111-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TAZ-Z112-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T3V-A011-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T3V-A020-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TZ5-A020-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-TZ6-R011-M4 SPC560P50L3
77960-T2F-A010-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T2F-A012-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T2F-A020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T2F-D012-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T2F-X012-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T2F-Y010-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T3L-C012-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T3L-C020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T3L-F012-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T3W-J110-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T3Z-A020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TAD-J120-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-B020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-G020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-H410-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-M820-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-M830-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-P430-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-Q810-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-Q820-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-Z420-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEA-Z820-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TEG-J310-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TGG-E010-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TGG-G010-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TGG-J310-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TGG-Z810-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TGH-E220-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TLA-A240-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TLA-A250-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TLA-H010-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TLA-L240-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TLA-R020-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TME-Z030-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TVA-A460-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TVA-F330-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TWA-A410-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TWA-A440-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TZ4-A511-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-TZ5-A220-M4 L3 SPC56AP54L3
77960-T0A-K511  MPC5604P
77960-T1G-E920   MPC5604P
77960-T1G-E930   MPC5604P
77960-T2A-X013  MPC5604P
77960-T2A-Y011   MPC5604P
77960-T2F-A012   MPC5604P
77960-TF0-G832   MPC5604P
77960-TF0-J442   MPC5604P
77960-TF0-Z840  MPC5604P
77960-TGA-H411   MPC5604P
77960-TM0-K410   MPC5604P
77960-TM0-K419  MPC5604P
77960-TM0-U410-M3 MPC5604P
77960-TM0-Y431  MPC5604P

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