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UPA-USB script for eeprom data recovering in the BCM of the Jaguar XF car with MC9S12XET256 Motorola MCU inside in the BCM.

If you have a Jaguar XF car (old and restyle), then you are doomed — a strong voltage drawdown or disconnection of the battery terminals, your BCM unit will most likely not survive.
Jaguar XF cars of the first generation have two BCM units installed:
1.Main — BCM(CJB) is located in front of the passengers legs (ids dx23-14B476-xx, cx23-14B476-xx).
2.Auxiliary — BCMB(AJB), located in the trunk on the right (ids dx23-14d628-xx, cx23-14d628-xx).
Both of these units have the same breakdown-the processors EEPROM memory can fly off with a strong discharge of the battery or when editing the configuration.
Both of these units control almost all body electrics and are part of the immobilizer of the car.
In case of memory problems, any glitches with electrics are possible:
1. The ignition turns on, but there is no start
2. The windshield washer stops working.
3. The central lock stops working.
4. "Loss of the key" and the inability to start the car.
At the same time, the keys are not lost anywhere, they are registered in the KVM keyless access unit (you can verify their operability by pressing the headlights on the key).
There is no need to rewrite the keys in this situation.
Restoring the block and memory layout is the only solution.
Buying a new unit does not solve the problem with the next voltage drawdown.
Owners of this car need to monitor the condition of the battery and avoid removing the terminals from the battery.


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