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The script is only available for the new version of the UPA-S programmer.


Upa-usb scripts  for SRS AIRBAG based on RENESAS processors , with subsequent updates. A complex algorithm for recording collision data.


MOBIS 95910-AA100 R7F7010643
MOBIS 95910-AA100 95512
MOBIS 95910-AB000 R7F7010643
MOBIS 95910-AB000 95512
MOBIS 95910-BW000 R7F7010423
MOBIS 95910-BW000 95512
MOBIS 95910-BW100 R7F7010423
MOBIS 95910-BW100 95512
MOBIS 95910-CR300 R7F7010423
MOBIS 95910-CR300 95512
MOBIS 95910-G3001 R7F7010643
MOBIS 95910-G3001 95256
MOBIS 95910-G3100 R7F7010643
MOBIS 95910-G3100 95256
MOBIS 95910-G4000 R7F7010643
MOBIS 95910-G4000 95256
MOBIS 95910-G6010 R7F7010193
MOBIS 95910-G6010 95512
MOBIS 95910-G6050 R7F7010643
MOBIS 95910-G6050 95512
MOBIS 95910-G6200 R7F7010193
MOBIS 95910-G6200 95512
MOBIS 95910-H0130 R7F7010193
MOBIS 95910-H0130 95512
MOBIS 95910-H0230 R7F7010193
MOBIS 95910-H0230 95512
MOBIS 95910-H8210 R7F701019X
MOBIS 95910-H8210 95512
MOBIS 95910-H9100 95512
MOBIS 95910-H9100 R7F701019X
MOBIS 95910-H9210 95512
MOBIS 95910-H9210 R7F701019X
MOBIS 95910-J7000 R7F7010643
MOBIS 95910-J7000 95512
MOBIS 95910-J7100 R7F7010643
MOBIS 95910-J7100 95512
MOBIS 95910-J7400 R7F7010643
MOBIS 95910-J7400 95512
MOBIS 95910-M6300 R7F7010423
MOBIS 95910-M6300 95512
MOBIS 95910-M6350 R7F7010423
MOBIS 95910-M6350 95512
MOBIS 95910-Q0100 R7F7010643
MOBIS 95910-Q0100 95512
MOBIS 95910-R1300 R7F7010193
MOBIS 95910-S0000 95256
MOBIS 95910-S0000 R7F7010643

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