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PEUGEOT 308 2007-2015 / DASH 95080 / BSI 95128 / all possible algorithms

Script that allows you to search for a floating mileage area and all its hidden duplicates in history, calculate VIN and PIN code for key bindings.

A set of scripts for UPA USB for mileage correction in the dashboard and BSI of PEUGEOT 308 2007-2015. The BSI in these models have active dublicate of mileage data. Correction is required directly in 2 units (dash + bsi). Variety of options for mileage recording areas and crypto checksum. Even in one model, one year of manufacture, the location of the mileage data area may be different. This set contains all the necessary tools for reading and processing dump files in all variations using a universal script. Built-in script for BSI with an unread checksum algorithm (selection and substitution of many known) for cars of recent years of release. Calculators contain help files, supported by tips and operational information. In the information field of the scripts you will find additional information: the size of the dump file and the HEX code responsible for the mileage data.