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UPA-USB script for crash data clearing in the VEONEER SRS ECU of newest VAG-group cars. VW, Audi, Skoda, Porsche. Data clearing only! Without read and write mode, because UPA does not support this processor yet.

List of ECUs:

1EA-959-655-AC TC233LP-32F
1EA-959-655-AF TC233LP-32F
1EA-959-655-BL TC233LP-32F
1EA-959-655-CJ TC233LP-32F
1EA-959-655-T TC233LP-32F
1EA-959-655-AD TC233LP-32F
1EA-959-655-CK TC233LP-32F
1ED-959-655-CG TC233LP-32F
1EA-959-655-BH TC233LP-32F
1EA-959-655-CC TC233LP-32F
1EA-959-655-CD TC233LP-32F
1EA-959-655-CE TC233LP-32F
1EA-959-655-DE TC233LP-32F



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