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This script for original UPA-S programmer only


UPA-USB scripts  for SRS AIRBAG based on INFINEON processors. A complex algorithm for registration collision data with many differently markers.


95910-2P180 XC2361A-72
95910-2P580 XC2361A-72
95910-2W080 XC2361A-72
95910-2W100 XC2361A-72
95910-2W300 XC2361A-72
95910-2W380 XC2361A-72
95910-2W500 XC2361A-72
95910-2W800 XC2361A-72
95910-2W880 XC2361A-72
95910-2W900 XC2361A-72
95910-4Z000 XC2361A-72
95910-4Z100 XC2361A-72
95910-4Z180 XC2361A-72
95910-A0000 XC2361A-56F
95910-A0150 XC2361A-56F
95910-A0500 XC2361A-56F
95910-A0700 XC2361A-56F
95910-A4200 XC2361A-72
95910-A4300 XC2361A-72
95910-B1100 XC2361A-72
95910-B1700 XC2361A-72
95910-B8300 XC2361A-72
95910-B8500 XC2361A-72
95910-C5700 XC2361A-72
95910-C5750 XC2361A-72
95910-C6000 XC2361A-72
95910-D2100 XC2361A-72
95910-D3200 XC2361A-72
95910-D3700 XC2361A-72
95910-D7110 XC2361A-72
95910-D7130 XC2361A-72
95910-D7230 XC2361A-72
95910-D7630 XC2361A-72
95910-D9000 XC2361A-72
95910-D9200 XC2361A-72
95910-D9400 XC2361A-72
95910-D9470 XC2361A-72
95910-F1000 XC2361A-72
95910-F1070 XC2361A-72
95910-F1080 XC2361A-72
95910-F1100 XC2361A-72
95910-F1300 XC2361A-72
95910-F1400 XC2361A-72
95910-F1400 XC2361A-72
95910-F6100 XC2361A-72
95910-F8110 XC2361A-72
95910-F9100 XC2361A-72
95910-H5000 XC2361A-72
95910-H6000 XC2361A-72
95910-H6100 XC2361A-72
95910-J0000 XC2361A-72
95910-J0200 XC2361A-72
95910-J5100 XC2361A-72
95910-J5300 XC2361A-72
95910-M0000 XC2361A-72
95910-M0100 XC2361A-72
95910-M4200 XC2361A-72

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