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Attention! This is calculator only for file clearing! No reading/writing because the UPA doesn't support these processors yet.

UPA-USB script for crash data clearing in the newest KIA-HYUNDAI SRS with Infineon TriCore MCUs inside.  All known modules. Veoneer, Autoliv, TRW. Different algorithms of data.

list of ECU:

VEONEER 95910-C4000 TC233LP-16F
VEONEER 95910-CL200 TC233LP-16F
TRW 95910-CM200 TC234L-32F
VEONEER 95910-CV200 TC233LP-16F
TRW 95910-K4100 TC234L-32F
TRW 95910-K4200 TC234L-32F
TRW 95910-K4300 TC234L-32F
VEONEER 95910-K6000 TC233LP-16F
VEONEER 95910-K7200 TC233LP-16F
TRW 95910-K9100 TC234L-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L0000 TC233LP-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L1000 TC233LP-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L1100 TC233LP-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L1110 TC233LP-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L1120 TC233LP-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L1130 TC233LP-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L1200 TC233LP-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L1300 TC233LP-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L1400 TC233LP-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L1500 TC233LP-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L2000 TC233LP-32F
AUTOLIV 95910-L5100 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-P2000 TC233LP-16F
VEONEER 95910-P2100 TC233LP-16F
VEONEER 95910-P2150 TC233LP-16F
VEONEER 95910-P2200 TC233LP-16F
VEONEER 95910-P2300 TC233LP-16F
VEONEER 95910-P2400 TC233LP-16F
VEONEER 95910-P4300 TC233LP-16F
VEONEER 95910-S1000 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S1200 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S1250 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S1400 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S1500 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S1600 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S2000 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S2500 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S3000 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S8000 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S8500 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S9000 TC233LP-32F
VEONEER 95910-S9100 TC233LP-32F

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