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UPA-USB script for clearing of crash data in the newest MAZDA SRS ECUs with Tricore TC233LP-16F MCU inside. The script is working as calculator only. No reading/writing. The UPA doesn't support these MCUs yet. Read by any other programmer and clear file of dump by our script.

list of ECU:

BCKA-57K30C TC233LP-16F
BCKA-57K30D TC233LP-16F
BCKA-57K30E TC233LP-16F
BCKA-57K30F TC233LP-16F
BELG-57K30 TC233LP-16F
BEPN-57K30D TC233LP-16F
BEPN-57K30E TC233LP-16F
DFR5-57K30 TC233LP-16F
DFR5-57K30A TC233LP-16F
DGS9-57K30 TC233LP-16F
GBEF-57K30A TC233LP-16F
GBEF-57K30B TC233LP-16F
GBEF-57K30F TC233LP-16F
GBFS-57K30A TC233LP-16F
GBFT-57K30A TC233LP-16F

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