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Script for clearing the crash data in the newest RENAULT DACIA SRS VEONEER ECU with Infineon Tricore TC222-16F.

Clearing only. without Reading and Programming 

641676900F TC222-16F
680496700C TC222-16F
680850800B TC222-16F
680850800C TC222-16F
680850800R TC222-16F
680850900B TC222-16F
680896400A TC222-16F
680896400B TC222-16F
681032500B TC222-16F
681032600B TC222-16F
681157200A TC222-16F
681213500A TC222-16F
981032500B TC222-16F
985100063R TC222-16F
985100130R TC222-16F
985100494R TC222-16F
985101024R TC222-16F
985101101R TC222-16F
985102111R TC222-16F
985102837R TC222-16F
985102865R TC222-16F
985103214R TC222-16F
985105099R TC222-16F
985105122R TC222-16F
985109649R TC222-16F

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